What is TT Online?

TT Online is an extension of Taylored Training Fitness. At Taylored Training we receive requests every day from around the world by people who not only want to train with us but who want to become a part of our fitness community. 

Humans are social creatures and we generally do better and have more success when we are a part of a group with similar interests and values. The online fitness world is completely void of strong communities supporting each other that are organized and run by experienced, educated, and qualified coaches. 

TT Online is a fitness community dedicated to giving you the support you need to achieve your fitness dreams and the health and fitness information and workouts needed to support that process. All under the coaching of a dedicated team of experienced trainers and coaches. 


How do I measure my progress? 

At Taylored Training and at TT Online we do not believe in before and after photos, awkward measurements, or tracking your weight. We believe in long-term health and fitness. 

The typical fitness industry metrics are simply ineffective and often demotivating in the long term. This is not a 6 week lose weight, fit in that dress program. TT Online is dedicated to changing your health and fitness for the rest of your life. 

How we measure success is by rewarding commitment. You have to put in the work; week after week for the long term. 

Inside TT Online you will find a system of badges that track and reward your long term progress as you complete the weekly workouts. We know you will have success if you show up and do the work. Out badge system is designed to track that work and reward you when you achieve your goals. 

Our philosophy is that the only focus you should have when it comes to your long-term fitness is frequency of training; put in the work, achieve the results you are after!


The Lab

The TT Lab is our training facility located in Ontario, Canada, Taylored Training Fitness (www.tayloredtraining.ca). Unlike the rest of the online trainers and training programs you will find out there, everything in TT Online is trialed in our lab before it ever appears in our programming. 

We don’t just work in the world of theory! The same exercises and workouts you will be doing with us are used every day with the members of Taylored Training, so you know that they are effective and not just some theory made up by a ‘trainer’ sitting on a beach who hasn’t actually trained a real person for years. 


How does TT Online work?

Simple. You sign-up. You set your exercise goal by committing to 2-6 training sessions a week. You do the workouts. Check of that you completed the workout. Earn badges as you hit your goals. Achieve your fitness dreams. 


Is it that simple? Yes. 

Is it all easy? No. You have to put in the work. 

In addition to new workouts every week and our awesome badge system we also have a members only forum where you can ask questions, post stories, get feedback, and join a community of like-minded people. Our entire TT Online coaching team are there for you everyday to help answer questions and give support to help you achieve your fitness dreams. 


What is included in TT Online?

  • New workouts weekly. 
  • Progress tracking badge system. 
  • Forum to communicate with the TT Online coaches as well as the other members of the TT Online community. 
  • Live streams (coming January 2017) – do your workouts right along with us at the TT Lab, hear from the TT Online coaches and much more live content
  • Access to an entire team of health and fitness professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness dreams.
  • Fun. Yes, our focus is on making fitness something you want to do instead of something you have to do. 


What if I don’t have the equipment? 

No problem. Every exercise in each workout has alternatives listed for those who do not have access to the equipment or space needed. 

We do not use a lot of bulky fitness machines or equipment at TT Online so even if you just have a small room and your own body weight, you will be able to do the workouts! 


What if I have never exercised before? 

No problem. Simply take it slow. Start with only 2 or 3 training sessions a week and don’t work at a high intensity for the first few weeks. As you begin to feel stronger you an gradually increase the intensity of the training sessions and add in more training sessions! 


What is the badge system? 

This is how we track your progress. Every time you complete a workout you mark it as finished. Once you hit your weekly goal you earn a completion badge. Once you earn 4 weekly completion badges you earn a month completion badge. 

Over time this is how you will measure your progress. Do the workouts consistently over time and you will achieve all your fitness dreams!


How do I monitor my success? 

Your success is monitored by our unique TT Online badge system, which tracks your regular completion of the weekly workouts. Your goal is simply to complete the number of workouts you have set as your goal. 


I don’t want to do before and after pics or measurements. 

Perfect – we don’t want to take them! Seriously. 

At TT Online we recognize that over the long term these traditional fitness-tracking measurements are actually VERY ineffective motivators. So we don’t use them. 

Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness dreams for the rest of your life and not just the next 6 weeks. 


What is live streaming? 

We want you to know that you are part of a community! Beginning in January 2017 TT Online will begin live streaming workouts, nutrition tips, Q and A’s, and anything else our community members want to learn about! 

Do your workout with us, interact with your coaches, and learn everything you need to know to achieve your health and fitness dreams! 


Why is TT Online different than other online trainers? 

The truth is that most ‘online trainers’ do it simply as a way to leverage their time to increase their income. Their true focus is not on helping you achieve your fitness dreams. Many of these same individuals do not actually train people in person o don’t actually know if the training sessions they are giving you are fun and effective. They are just guessing. 

You will also find that other online trainers simply provide you with some workouts, exchange a few emails with you, and then pretty much leave you on your own. 

TT Online is so much more than that. We are a community that interacts and supports each other. We are an entire TEAM of trainers and coaches with decades of experience who all still train daily in person with clients. 

Everything, EVERYTHING, you will see in TT Online has been trialed in the TT Lab. This is not just theoretical fitness or a bunch of exercises pulled off of YouTube. Our team of coaches creates scientifically based programs that are tested on hundreds of members every week before making their way into your TT Online programming. 

We are not just doing this to make a buck. In fact the founders of Taylored Training vowed never to create online training! However, after hundreds of requests we knew that the online demand for quality fitness coaching continues to grow and there are not many great options out there. So we are working tirelessly to create an online environment that can bring the community support to participating in online fitness that we know from experience is vital to long-term success! 


Will I get bored? 

No! Every week the workouts are different so that you do not get bored doing the same old same old everyday! 

Behind the scenes we carefully craft the progressions of our training sessions to ensure you are continually making progress while shaking up the program design every week to keep you from the usual monotony that is fitness.  


I go to a gym already, do I need TT Online? 

Yes. Just because you are going to a gym doesn’t mean you are doing the right things! The TT Online workouts can be done at your gym! Think of us as your personal fitness team! Just take your smartphone along with you to the gym and have quick and easy access to the workouts and exercise explanations and videos! 


What about my nutrition? 

All TT Online members will receive our TT Online basic nutrition guidelines as well as have access to our two nutrition eBooks

If you truly want to delve further into the nutrition aspect of your health and fitness program we have a full online nutrition program and TT Online nutrition community. There is an additional cost for and have access to unlimited coaching support and exclusive content in our nutrition forum. You will also complete our 12-week TT Online nutrition program designed to instil habits for long-term success!